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  • Origins Version 3: Why not two founder populations in Finland

    There are two founder populations in Finland that cut diagonally over the country from north-west to south-east. This can easily be seen from the male Y-DNA, as 58% are of N1c and 28% of the I1. Both populations immigrated to the area mainly about 2000-1000 years ago, which means subclades have emerged...
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  • no Y matches, Y-Refine37to67 or FamilyFinder?

    I have 37 Markers tested, and a confirmed Haplogroup of E1b1b1.

    At this time, I am most interested in learning about my Paternal line as I'm adopted. I do not know who my biological father is, I just know he was a student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in...
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  • Order Level to begin Y-37 or Y-67

    I have ordered a Y-37 and a Family Finder (mostly because I couldn't find a selection to order Y-67 and Family Finder at the same time) - I'm assuming I could add an upgrade once they receive the kit.

    Since I'm a beginner, should I see what Y-37 results are first or should I order the...
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  • Neves
    started a topic Should I upgrade?

    Should I upgrade?

    My main goal is to research my surname tree which ends in the year 1847.
    I currently have no matches within 2 steps at 37 or 67. Is there any benefit to upgrading to 111? It seems I would still be in the same boat. Someone mentioned that it give you clues to you what terminal SNP to order, how...
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  • manoss
    started a topic Upgrade from 37 to 67?

    Upgrade from 37 to 67?

    I've got Ashkenazi Jewish paternity. J2, presumed positive on L228 & M172.

    Overall have 55 12-marker matches; another 37 at 12-minus-1, and one person who is 24/25 & 36/37.

    So my question is - might I get some worthwhile results if I upgrade to 67 markers? Seems...
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  • nekocat
    started a topic why botched tests?

    why botched tests?

    I'm pretty thick headed today, but this doesn't make sense to me. the original tests were fine, why aren't the upgrades, and why is the deep clade taking so long?

    these are our pending test remarks for today, when we were due to get the upgrades and deep clade returns.

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