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  • daveungar
    started a topic Raw Data Tools

    Raw Data Tools

    Are there 3rd-party tools available for analyzing the Family Finder Raw Data? There are several types of analysis I'd like to perform that the built-in Matches and Chromosome Browser can't do well.

    As an example, I have tested several relatives and often get questions from matches asking...
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  • manoss
    started a topic Raw Data

    Raw Data

    Anyone have suggestions on analyzing the raw autosomal & X-chromosom data? Is there any value in comparing mine with other matches?
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  • Family Finder Raw Data (FAQ 46)

    In looking at my raw data, it appears that there is a convention of reporting the results in alphabetical order, eg always AG but never GA. That implies that results are not linked a specific chromosome of a chromosome pair. I can understand that the testing method may not be able to identify a particular...
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