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  • yiskahnasi
    started a topic Turkish Dna

    Turkish Dna

    Hello everyone!
    I transferred my dna here via and have been a little confused by my results here. It says I'm 3% (the map circles) Boznia Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece & Italy. However, every other test I've taken and gedmatch research included has reflected Turkish roots...
    22 November 2020
    22 November 2020
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  • Interesting Results - MDLP K16 Modern 4-Ancestors Oracle

    My father's family claims Sephardic origins while my grandmother's paternal line has an Iberian name, but arrived in Cuba from France. I am trying to figure out what the results mean. Assistance welcome. I am looking at the 4 population. I am VERY new at this.

    Kit Num: MZ3692945
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  • expatmutt
    started a topic Jewish origins?

    Jewish origins?

    So, my maternal grandmother and I have both tested. We just got out MTDNA HVR1 results back. We are both haplogroup H.

    I knew that I had Sephardic Jewish ancestry on my mother's father's side based on the paper trail, but I was really surprised to see a a LOT of Ashkenazic, Sephardic,...
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  • daveungar
    started a topic Many Ancestral Origins

    Many Ancestral Origins

    My YDNA Ancestral Origins (Y-67test) has more than 125 matches in all the different levels. There are a couple of 2% matches but almost all of them are less than 1%. I'm surprised that there is not more clustering in one or two areas. I'm an Askenazic Jew so I expect a lot of diversity but this seems...
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  • blejerh
    started a topic Chromosome 12 and Ashkenazi Jews

    Chromosome 12 and Ashkenazi Jews

    Browsing the chromosome matches, I find that a very large percentage of my matches match me on the same area of Chromosome 12, approximately 118,000,000 to 123,500,000. Just looking at random people, I'm up to 16 people who match me in nearly the exact same area.

    Another handful match...
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  • penguin
    started a topic Sephardic mtdna

    Sephardic mtdna

    Here's a link to new article of interest

    here's a summary of the paper linked to above

    The study discovered that there are a couple of variants/mutations in mitochondrial DNA that appear to be found only in...
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  • blejerh
    started a topic How I am using Family Finder

    How I am using Family Finder

    I like forming hypotheses. I have a huge family tree for Ashkenazi Jewish families in Central Europe and Eastern Europe (Suwalki Gubernia, Trakai District of Vilnius Gubernia and in between). I am finding that my matches have last names and locations near where my father's mother's ancestors come...
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  • chamisa
    Guest started a topic mtDNA full sequence Haplogroup I

    mtDNA full sequence Haplogroup I

    I just received my full sequence for mtDNA hap I and don't really understand. In my ancestral origins on my home page I match quite a few people. I have an exact match in HVR1 and HVR2, the same person. What is the difference between the two, meaning the matches and exact matches? I also belong...
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  • Joshua
    Guest started a topic Confused, possibility of Ashkenazi Ancestry?

    Confused, possibility of Ashkenazi Ancestry?


    My Paternal side comes from mainly Germany but my results (12 marker) are showing a strong connection to eastern europe. In alot of the comment sections of the results there's "Ashkenazi" and if im not mistaken thats Jewish. I just want to know, considering my results that...
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