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  • Indian ancestors - Can DNA help? A Royal connection?


    Many years ago my maternal grandfather funded me to do some family history as I was interested in where our family came from. Several years on I have found out a lot about my family - including the usual 'skeleton in the cupboard' stories. I am a white Englishman in an area of England...
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  • cokie
    started a topic East Asian or Native American

    East Asian or Native American

    I have a very small amount of East Asian (Siberian in some tests), less than 1%. How can I determine if this is noise or if it's actually Mongolian or something like that or else North American Native. It shows up in several tests I have done such as with Dyodecad and Eurogenes etc.
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  • RichardH
    started a topic Native American Ancestry

    Native American Ancestry

    I get a lot of questions about DNA testing from people who want to know or confirm that they have Indian ancestors. Relying heavily on some excellent work by Roberta Estes, I created the following web page to summarize the DNA testing alterntives.

    NOTE: I mistakenly posted this under...
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