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    Guest started a topic Sub-Clade Testing

    Sub-Clade Testing

    While I THINK I might understand Sub-Clade testing (emerging SNP's) and its application regarding more closely pinpointing geographic origins - I am curious if the testing might work for another purpose.

    Regarding yDNA testing and within the J2m172+ haplogroup are 16 perfect STR matches....
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  • No matches/haplogroup for Y-DNA 11 marker test

    Just received my Y-DNA 11 marker tests. However, I can not see any matchtes or even my Haplogroup.

    Noticed that in the FAQ section, one can change the setting in order to be linked with the entire database:

    I can't find this section: I want my matches to be set against...
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  • AA266
    started a topic Haplogroup Discrepancy Question

    Haplogroup Discrepancy Question

    FamilyTree DNA reports my haplogroup to be R1b1a2 but my Surname Project Table shows R1b1b2. (The discrepancy is at the 5th position, i.e., "a" vs "b".)

    Is there an explanation for this discrepancy and which version is viewed to be "correct"?...
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  • The root of the Y-DNA haplogroup tree

    I've been looking into some of the concepts around Y-DNA testing while waiting for my results to come in, and have a question about haplogroups.

    The root of the haplogroup tree has two branches from the root "Y": "A", with mutations M91 and P97 and "BT" with...
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  • efgen
    started a topic Haplotree Update

    Haplotree Update


    FTDNA is in the process of updating the Y-DNA Haplotree. It may take up to 24 hours for the new predictions to flow through all the accounts. And some people will see new subclade names based on the updates to the tree. So don't get concerned if you see changes or if your prediction...
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