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chromosome browser

  • daveungar
    started a topic Raw Data Tools

    Raw Data Tools

    Are there 3rd-party tools available for analyzing the Family Finder Raw Data? There are several types of analysis I'd like to perform that the built-in Matches and Chromosome Browser can't do well.

    As an example, I have tested several relatives and often get questions from matches asking...
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  • blejerh
    started a topic Chromosome Browser

    Chromosome Browser

    I am new to Family Finder and genetic genealogy, but I do know a lot about my family tree. There are several people who I am a distant cousin to (known) and I noticed that their chromosome matches are on chromosome #1. I know that two of the three share a specific ancestor with me. The third match...
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  • How much DNA comes from each parent?

    Got my father's FF results back (and this is after FTDNA told me they needed another sample, whatever they had left over from the Y-DNA and mtDNA was not enough, but I guess they managed ) and when I do the chromosome browser from his kit to my kit, it looks like almost all my DNA came from him!...
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  • Robert Bellamy
    Guest started a topic Filter on Matching Chromosome(s)

    Filter on Matching Chromosome(s)

    I'd like to have the ability to execute a search or filter to show matches based on chromosome. Some of my matches span multiple chromosomes, so having the ability to specify combinations would also be nice. Otherwise I have to click on each individual match in the chromosome browser and take a side-note...
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  • JWHeald
    Guest started a topic Problem accessing Chromosome browser

    Problem accessing Chromosome browser

    When I access my brother’s FTDNA home page and click on Chromosome browser, It takes me to a page for ordering tests. I do NOT get the chromosome charts and options for comparing individuals that I anticipated. I can access matches and relationships. He was tested after Illumina OmniExpr started,...
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  • Chromosome Browser, common surname on #19

    I've looked through previous threads, but did not find this topic discussed exactly. Apologies if I missed the answer elsewhere.

    I have a common surname on 2 matches. We're Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe. I compared them in Chromosome Browswer, & we all overlap at #19 but at no...
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