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  • daveungar
    started a topic Many Ancestral Origins

    Many Ancestral Origins

    My YDNA Ancestral Origins (Y-67test) has more than 125 matches in all the different levels. There are a couple of 2% matches but almost all of them are less than 1%. I'm surprised that there is not more clustering in one or two areas. I'm an Askenazic Jew so I expect a lot of diversity but this seems...
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  • Ancestral Origins as a Pie Chart

    I copied and pasted my Ancestral Origins into Excel and made a couple of pie charts. The 25 markers in the chart are exact, the 37 are up to 4 gd, the 67 markers are up to 7 gd. The bottom right quadrant shows the 67 marker matches near when my paternal line was from. Does anyone else want to a make...
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  • None of the countries listed under Ancestral Origins exceeds 2.0% but..

    ... I see that under the various Marker/Mutations categories, some countries shows percentages above 1.0%. Is that relevant in terms of determining likely Ancestral Origins? Also, I notice that under 12 Market - One Step Mutations, some of the percentages EXCEED 4.0%. How should I factor that into my...
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  • Recent Ancestral Origins -- no meaningful matches?!

    Hi all.

    I just finished reviewing my 25-marker Y-DNA test and I'm pretty disappointed. Not only do none of my 12-marker Y-DNA tests go anywhere near 2%, but there are no matches at all for my 25-marker Y-DNA test.

    Is this just a result of insufficient data? I feel a bit...
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  • Freep
    Guest started a topic Ancestral vs. Matches

    Ancestral vs. Matches

    I've got a couple of 37 exact matches, one with a surname that is likely mine (I was adopted) and one with connections to the first surname and from the same area.

    That surname indicates strong welsh/scots background but I don't show much from that in the ancestral origins charts in...
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