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  • cokie
    started a topic African dna

    African dna

    On Dr. McDonald's test he found about 8-10 Mb of African dna which also shows up in several other tests such as Eurogenes and Dodecad etc., in very small quantities, usually less than 2%. It's always present in any of the tests I take except on FTDNA there was no mention of it, however I have 10% middle-eastern...
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  • cokie
    started a topic African segment

    African segment

    I have a small segment of African dna from Dr. McDonald's analysis. He said it was very old. Eurogenes admixture results show .1% west African and .2% east African. How do I go about finding out how old it is and where it came from. I had one match on this segment in the FF matches but they never replied...
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  • Father's, Father,s, Mother's, Mother

    Hello, I have a picture of my Great, Great grandmother on my father's side sitting with her husband during the Civil War. Family legend has always called her a "dark Jew" but she appear to be of African decent. Does anyone know what test I would use to help verify her origin, if any? My other...
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