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  • no Y matches, Y-Refine37to67 or FamilyFinder?

    I have 37 Markers tested, and a confirmed Haplogroup of E1b1b1.

    At this time, I am most interested in learning about my Paternal line as I'm adopted. I do not know who my biological father is, I just know he was a student at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, in...
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  • admin
    started a topic Adoptee story for TV Production

    Adoptee story for TV Production

    Family Tree DNA was contacted by a TV producer that would love to do an adoptee reunion made possible by DNA testing. The discovery would need to be fresh, i.e., separated siblings or an adoptee and birth parent who just found each other. A perfect situation might be one where they have talked but have...
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  • goshelli
    started a topic Adoptee & 2nd Cousins Question

    Adoptee & 2nd Cousins Question

    I have been working for the last year with one of my matches who is an adoptee, we are estimated by Family Finder to be 3rd cousins and we are each other's closest FF match. I have tested a number of my family members and found three who test as 2nd cousins with the adoptee on the FF test. Two (cousins...
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  • RichardH
    started a topic New ISOGG Forum for Adoptees

    New ISOGG Forum for Adoptees

    I want to thank Family Tree DNA for setting up this forum.

    The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) has also launched a new Yahoo Group: ISOGG Adoptees. Check out that one too.
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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest started a topic Would testing my children help me?

    Would testing my children help me?

    I am an adoptee with only my birth mother's maiden name, place of birth and marriage. Her deceased x-husband's family won't cooperate with me and the paper trail is as hard as a rock. I can not put together a GEDCOM, but I had the Family Finder test with 100 matches on Illumina, the closest being...
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  • GayeSherman
    started a topic The Adoptee's Dilemma

    The Adoptee's Dilemma

    We were discussing listing surnames and I thought I'd ask the group here what they thought.

    I'm an adoptee who is trying to confirm the identity of my biofather. I have a particular person in mind (25 years deceased) and his family tree, going back to 1700 or so, is online.
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  • Family Finder Helps Adoptees Find Birth Parents

    I found my birth father's surname through a Y-DNA test in 2007. Once I figured out who he was, he was already deceased. So I used a DNA sibling test with his son and some cousins to confirm he was the one. But I was lucky.

    Many people have sent me sibling test results that are simply...
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  • Adopted, I Found Birth Father's Family thru FTDNA

    I completed a 26-year search for my biological roots through DNA testing. A Y-DNA test through FTDNA was the second of three test types that I used. My story was covered in the Wall Street Journal on 5/2/09. Here are some links.

    Full Story on my web site:
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