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  • This is where I get lost. One of you says cM shared is highly predictive of an actual relationship between two people; the other says it may simply reflect that I am part of a large ethnic group which historically tended to avoid intermarriage.

    One says the longest block is important;...
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  • markk
    started a topic Centimorgans, Block and X-Match

    Centimorgans, Block and X-Match

    I'm sorry. I've searched and read a few posts on this and I still don't understand it. So here's an example. It's a real entry on my Family Finder list:

    Shared centimorgans: 188
    Longest block: 15
    X-Match: X-Match

    What does that mean. Are there ranges in the...
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  • markk
    replied to Drilling down?
    Sorry for the delay in thanking you. I forgot to subscribe to the thread.

    That is interesting information. I'll look into it.

    Edit: I just did. Very, very interesting.
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  • markk
    started a topic Drilling down?

    Drilling down?

    I'm apologize in advance for asking something which has probably been asked 1,000 times before, but it's easier than using most forum search engines.

    I recently received my results - 100% Ashkenazi. From some additional research, I understand this is a population with a mix of Middle...
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