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  • toast
    started a topic Family Tree

    Family Tree

    Why can't I marry first cousins? When I try, there's no "Is this person already in your tree?"; I end up with a duplicate parent or child (and then the child is only attached to one parent).

    Also, I just tried to view a family tree of a match. This one fellow apparently had...
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  • toast
    replied to BIG Trees - really BIG!

    My own Innes line comes to a screeching halt in 1797, my grandmother's line goes back to Charlemagne, and my mother married five times - between all that I have accrued a rather large file. I have most of the main Innes arteries as collateral branches in my grandmother's Irvine line...
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  • toast
    started a topic Match notifications to nowhere

    Match notifications to nowhere

    I've received two notifications of a match to my uncle's Y-DNA, but when I select/click on the notification, it takes me to my (his) matches. They're the same matches which have been listed for over a year and there doesn't appear to be any way of telling which one is trying to make contact.
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