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  • FF 5th cousin

    Thanks Susan yes I see that it could have been a female Stearns match which has come up.
    Nathaniel married Jane Williams (possibly in Rhode Island) who unfortunately has so far proven untraceable. Also, she may have a female Stearns in her line. They are the only...
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  • jaslin108
    started a topic FF 5th cousin matches

    FF 5th cousin matches

    Hi I'd appreciate some insight into this.
    I have a 6X great grandfather (Nathaniel Starnes/Sterne poss.Stearns)
    Born about 1750 New England. I want to prove the connection to the Stearns line (original USA1630 Isaac Sterne/Stearns).
    I'm in Australia so research is on-line only...
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  • Which test is appropriate for me

    I have decided to do the a few relatives FF tests and a male relative a YDNA test.
    What is the significance between the 37 or 67 marker tests.
    I read on the web site it is about 'confidence' I assume that means the more markers the...
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  • which test is appropriate for me

    Thanking you for your replies especially Jim Barrett that was a clear concise explanation I have a much clearer picture of it now.
    My father and his siblings are all deceased. I was wanting to find a possible match(to find the family line) of some...
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  • Which test is appropriate for me

    Hi I would appreciate clarification on something.
    I read the information on the test for the paternal line, it said it follows the father's father's father etc. line. Does it show anything female information? For example my father's mother. That is on the paternal side but she is a female....
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