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Y-DNA12 - How to find out what DNA you carry?

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  • Y-DNA12 - How to find out what DNA you carry?

    Hello everyone. A while back I did the Y-DNA12 DNA test. My results showed that I was from the I-M253 Y-DNA Halogroup, which is from Scandinavia I believe.

    But however, I wanted to find out what particular DNA I carry (Saxon, Viking, Celt, etc).

    I do not believe you are built up of one particular halogroup, different halogroups have bred with each other over the centuries.

    If you did some researching for BRAND surname, you would see there are different origins. I have attached some screenshots if you are interested.

    This has given me a idea of what DNA I carry, I do not know if the percentages are accurate because I would have thought I would have a higher English amount of DNA considering I live in England and the Vikings first landed over 1000 years ago, I do not know.

    I need some advice about my findings and my queries.

    Many thanks, Bradley.
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    percentages and genetic distances
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      Bradley - the Y-DNA SNP you have referenced, M253+ is a confirmed SNP marker for the I1 haplogroup, of which your own test markers confirm. Your ancestral paternal Y-DNA lineage has a high probability of Scandinavian origin. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your continued research. This link can provide you with some simple background to your Y-DNA haplogroup:
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