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    Here's a short, redacted summary of some of the evidence from DNA testing.

    Big Y-700 match (Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas): SNP FGC36982; 757/758 STR match (99.868%) to a man with my surname (Stevens) who has an excellent, well-documented paper trail to Augustine Stevens and his wife Sophia Young through their son, Amos H. Stevens (b. 1778). Based on this Y-DNA match, Family Tree DNA estimates that there is a 99% chance that this documented descendant of Augustine Stevens and I share a common Y-DNA ancestor within the last eight generations. (Augustine is 6 generations back from him and 7 generations back from me.)

    Y-DNA matches (Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas) to two Y-chromosome descendants of Benjamin Stevens Sr. (1737-1811) of Fayette Co., PA, identified by professional genealogist Joan Peake as probably a brother of Augustine Stevens. One of those matches has been Big Y-500 tested: terminal SNP FGC36974, which is just upstream of FGC36982. He is a 106/111 STR match for me (626/634 STRs based on his Big Y-500 and my Big Y-700: 98.7%). The second of those descendants of Benjamin Stevens Sr. is a 104/111 Y-DNA STR match for me (he has not had any Big Y testing).

    Note: Augustine Stevens is mentioned in the will of Samuel Stevens, documented brother of Benjamin Stevens Sr. Augustine was also a witness to the will and signed it.

    Y-DNA match (Family Tree DNA, Houston, Texas) to a documented Y-DNA descendant of Obadiah Stevens (b. 9 Oct 1787), who was born and lived in Fayette Co., PA, at the time when Augustine Stevens and Sophia Young lived there and who, as this descendant’s Y-DNA matches prove, was closely related to Augustine. Big Y-500 tested. Terminal SNP PF5064, one step downstream of FGC36974. 107/111 Y-DNA STR match (666/670 STR match based on his Big Y-500 and my Big Y-700: 99.4%).

    Autosomal DNA:
    I have seven autosomal DNA matches to descendants of Amos H. Stevens, best documented son of Augustine Stevens and his wife Sophia Young: one via Amos H.’s son Amos Stevens (b. 1815); two via Amos H.’s daughter Nancy Stevens (b. 1801); three via Amos H.’s son Daniel Stevens (b. 1822); and one via Amos H.’s daughter Hannah Stevens (b. 1813).

    One autosomal DNA match of 17.4 cMs across 1 segment (AncestryDNA) to a descendant of Benjamin Stevens Sr. (1737-1811). She is the 4th great granddaughter of Benjamin Stevens Jr. (son of Benjamin Stevens Sr., ancestor of the two Y-DNA matches mentioned above) and his wife Sophia Peairs via their daughter Elizabeth Stevens (b. about 1812), who married William Boyd.
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      It's kind of aggravating being the one person in my group of Y-DNA matches and family members who is on fire for genetic genealogy and genealogy in general. When I post on my project's activity feed and elsewhere (like here) I feel like I'm talking to myself. Sigh . . .