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    Here's a short, redacted summary of some of the evidence from DNA testing.

    Big Y-700 match (Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas): SNP FGC36982; 757/758 STR match (99.868%) to a man with my surname (Stevens) who has an excellent, well-documented paper trail to Augustine Stevens and his wife Sophia Young through their son, Amos H. Stevens (b. 1778). Based on this Y-DNA match, Family Tree DNA estimates that there is a 99% chance that this documented descendant of Augustine Stevens and I share a common Y-DNA ancestor within the last eight generations. (Augustine is 6 generations back from him and 7 generations back from me.)

    Y-DNA matches (Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas) to two Y-chromosome descendants of Benjamin Stevens Sr. (1737-1811) of Fayette Co., PA, identified by professional genealogist Joan Peake as probably a brother of Augustine Stevens. One of those matches has been Big Y-500 tested: terminal SNP FGC36974, which is just upstream of FGC36982. He is a 106/111 STR match for me (626/634 STRs based on his Big Y-500 and my Big Y-700: 98.7%). The second of those descendants of Benjamin Stevens Sr. is a 104/111 Y-DNA STR match for me (he has not had any Big Y testing).

    Note: Augustine Stevens is mentioned in the will of Samuel Stevens, documented brother of Benjamin Stevens Sr. Augustine was also a witness to the will and signed it.

    Y-DNA match (Family Tree DNA, Houston, Texas) to a documented Y-DNA descendant of Obadiah Stevens (b. 9 Oct 1787), who was born and lived in Fayette Co., PA, at the time when Augustine Stevens and Sophia Young lived there and who, as this descendant’s Y-DNA matches prove, was closely related to Augustine. Big Y-500 tested. Terminal SNP PF5064, one step downstream of FGC36974. 107/111 Y-DNA STR match (666/670 STR match based on his Big Y-500 and my Big Y-700: 99.4%).

    Autosomal DNA:
    I have seven autosomal DNA matches to descendants of Amos H. Stevens, best documented son of Augustine Stevens and his wife Sophia Young: one via Amos H.’s son Amos Stevens (b. 1815); two via Amos H.’s daughter Nancy Stevens (b. 1801); three via Amos H.’s son Daniel Stevens (b. 1822); and one via Amos H.’s daughter Hannah Stevens (b. 1813).

    One autosomal DNA match of 17.4 cMs across 1 segment (AncestryDNA) to a descendant of Benjamin Stevens Sr. (1737-1811). She is the 4th great granddaughter of Benjamin Stevens Jr. (son of Benjamin Stevens Sr., ancestor of the two Y-DNA matches mentioned above) and his wife Sophia Peairs via their daughter Elizabeth Stevens (b. about 1812), who married William Boyd.
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      It's kind of aggravating being the one person in my group of Y-DNA matches and family members who is on fire for genetic genealogy and genealogy in general. When I post on my project's activity feed and elsewhere (like here) I feel like I'm talking to myself. Sigh . . .


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        Originally posted by Stevo View Post
        It's kind of aggravating being the one person in my group of Y-DNA matches and family members who is on fire for genetic genealogy and genealogy in general. When I post on my project's activity feed and elsewhere (like here) I feel like I'm talking to myself. Sigh . . .
        Guess I shouldn't complain. I've been blessed with many really good Stephens/Stevens matches, both with Y-DNA and autosomal DNA. Some of them have been really significant. God has really blessed me.


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          Here's something interesting. A SNP has been discovered between BY166 and FT83585: FT92330. All the guys who are derived (positive) for FT83585 are derived for FT92330, but there's at least one guy, with ancestral origin in Ireland, who is derived for FT92330 but ancestral (negative) for FT83585. Fascinating!

          I like it when previously unknown SNPs like this are uncovered due to Big Y-700 testing, although it creates a lot of work for me, since I have to go back and update all the tree graphics I have made.

          Why does this matter? Because all of us Stephens/Stevens bunch are derived for FT92330, so it's a new one for us.

          R1b-FT92330 Tree.jpg
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            Augustine Stevens descendant tree_R1b-FGC36982 privacy mode.jpgHere's a graphic I probably posted in this thread already, but I just finished cleaning it up tonight using a different font, because it was looking faded. Not sure how that happens with computer stuff, but it did.

            Anyway, it shows known Y-DNA descent from my fifth great grandfather, Augustine Stevens, who was born about 1750, probably in Maryland. His wife, Sophia Young, was also born about 1750, but in England. That's my grandfather in the lower left (Clifton LeViers Stevens). I'm not sure where his middle name, LeViers, comes from. That name, which looks like a French surname, appears nowhere in my family tree.

            Ever make any graphics like that, using old photos of ancestors or of their tombstones?

            Notice some things about this tree. Auguston Stevens was born in Wheeling, [West] Virginia, and John Stevens was born in Brooke County, [West] Virginia, just north of Wheeling. Amos Stevens, David W. Stevens, and Amos Young Stevens were all born in Columbiana County, Ohio, while James Holmes Stevens was born in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, which borders Columbiana County on the east (right next door).

            Here's another thing. Everybody on that tree shares the SNP FGC36982, but only kits 59080 (me), 623694 (my second cousin), 870841 (my second cousin once removed), and N40760 (my second cousin once removed) share the SNP FGC36981, one step downstream of FGC36982. That's how we know Augustine Stevens was derived (positive) for FGC36982 but ancestral (negative) for FGC36981, because everyone on that tree is descended from him, but not everyone on the tree is derived for FGC36981. Only the descendants of Augustine's great grandson James Holmes Stevens are. We don't know the FGC36981 status of Augustine's grandson Auguston or of Auguston's father because we don't have any of their Y-DNA descendants tested yet who are not also descendants of James Holmes Stevens.
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              You all may be aware of this, but one of the ancient samples in the Patterson et al paper, Large-scale migration into Britain during the Middle to Late Bronze Age, is R1b-DF41. He's sample I16469, radiocarbon dated to 1090-900 BC, from Raven Scar Cave in North Yorkshire, England. The paper itself got him only as far as R1b-P312, but Alex Williamson has taken a deeper look at the Y-DNA data and has him at R1b-DF41.

              Here's the paper:

              Here's Alex's analysis of the Y-DNA data (search for I16469 or for DF41):

              Raven Scar Cave:
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