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    FTDNA has a New feature: members can now upload their pedigrees to their personal pages. The pedigrees will be seen only by those who are a match, and by the Group Administrator at the Members section of the Project Profile page. For the member, there is a tab "GEDCOM -Family Tree" in the personal page that explains how to upload the file. The "Y-DNA Matches" section will show an icon for all the matches that have uploaded their pedigrees . Group Administrators should urge their members to upload their pedigrees as we believe that this is an enhancement that will help people
    verify immediately possible connections. And I do
    FTDNA now allows members to join two projects , geographical or surname and your mtdna or ydna haplogroup project if available. To see if you are able to do this go to your personal page and click the join icon . It should show you what you can join .

    Ftdna has improved the Projects web pages with maps and colored graphs. I will work on them as quickly as I can
    February 13, 2006 - New Feature: bulk e-mail for group administrators. It is the member's option to receive or not e-mails. They have the control in their Setup Preferences page.

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    Deep Clade Test for R1b ,E,I, G, J, Q and R1a

    March 6, 2006 - FTDNA is pleased to anounce the Deep Clade Test for R1b in addition to those for Haplogroups E,I, G, J, Q and R1a
    March 20, 2006


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      59 markers, and reduces the prices of the 25 and 37-marker tests.

      NEWS ALERT:Family Tree DNA introduces the highest-resolution Y-DNA test in the world, with 59 markers, and reduces the prices of the 25 and 37-marker tests.


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        the Y-DNA 66-marker test!

        05/19/06 - Family Tree DNA launches the world's tightest test for genealogy purposes coupled with Haplogroup prediction: the Y-DNA 66-marker test!


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          announces that Advanced DNA tests from DNA-Fingerprint are now available

          Family Tree DNA is pleased to announce that Advanced DNA tests from DNA-Fingerprint are now available to Family Tree DNA customers!

          Customers can now order individual markers or panels for the Y-chromosome
          (male only), X-chromosome, and autosomal DNA. These tests can be used to
          broaden the possibilities for complex kinship testing (ex. sister
          siblingship test). A database for comparisons is currently being
          The CODIS autosomal markers are also available in this section as well.

          Participants will now see two options when they go to the "Order Tests"
          section on their personal page. The "Standard" option will offer the
          and mtDNA tests we have previously offered. For all of typical genealogy
          group members the Standard section is the one for them. The "Advanced"
          option will offer these new tests which leads into somewhat different

          An explanation is available for each panel of markers.

          We are very excited to offer these new tests to our existing customers. In
          the next few days we will be offering these tests to individuals who may
          have tested their DNA prior, but for the next several days these test will
          only be available to existing FTDNA and DNA-Fingerprint clients.

          DNA-Fingerprint customers can now give permission to transfer their data
          Family Tree DNA to be included on their personal page in 1-2 months.

          We appreciate choosing Family Tree DNA for your genetic genealogy needs,
          are proud to continue to be at the forefront of genetic genealogy testing.

          Family Tree DNA
          Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our Autosomal DNA, YDNA and mtDNA tests!

          "History Unearthed Daily"


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            from other labs

            To group manager,

            From time to time we receive requests to allow people who have tested with
            other labs to join Family Tree DNA Surname Projects. We have always
            avoided adding results from other labs to our database because as a
            question of results integrity, we wanted that all project members to be
            tested with Family Tree DNA.

            In discussing this subject with a few group administrators we settled on a
            solution that was to their and our satisfaction: we agreed to offer our
            12,25 and 37-marker at a below cost rate, so that we can allow those
            individuals to get tested with us and join your Surname Projects. But this
            will be offered for a limited time.

            The individuals will fill in a LAB CONVERSION FORM found at
   (this link is also at your
            GAP), and send it back to our office for verification, so that we can
            enter the order. Due to the fact that this is a below cost offer, we are
            limiting the time during which it will be available. Those forms need to
            be filled and returned to us by March 31, 2007. Should you have any
            questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

            As always, we thank you for your support.

            E-mail anytime!

            Max Blankfeld
            Vice-President, Operations and Marketing
            "History Unearthed Daily"
            [email protected]