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    This week we have reached a milestone. We have finally been able to compare with an acceptable number of the same subjects the results of 2 JOHNSTON Phylogenetic Trees (JPT), one at 67 markers and the other at 111 markers. While we expected the 111-markers JPT to give us better results, we did not expect such dramatic differences. As a result, we shall be recommending only 2 Y-DNA tests in the future, the 12 & 111 markers.

    For those of us with limited budgets, the 12-markers Y-DNA test is enough to tell us if you are "family". Our Y-DNA signature is rather unique in that respect. It won't tell us much of anything else though. In order to be placed in our JPT "new Cousins" will have to upgrade to 111 markers.

    Who are we? We are the descendants of "other-than-first-sons" of our ancient Clan Johnstoun Chiefs. It is said that the lines of the first sons have either died out or daughtered out.

    Come join us on our journey of discovery!

    Good hunting,

    Clifford "Cliff." Johnston

    Pearland, Texas
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