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    If you have found your way here, congratulations! You are a descendant of one of our ancient Clan Johnstoun Chiefs (or Johnston or even possibly Johnstone) or one of their ancestors.

    Our journey to get here started decades ago for some of us, 1979 for me, but in 2005 5 of us were connected by our Y-DNA. One of our Y-DNA Cousins had his genealogy going back to Herbert Johnston of Poldean and his father, Clan Chief Sir Adam Johnstoun; however, we needed to confirm this by documenting another family line and linking the 2 of them together genetically. It was not until the latter part of 2017, 12 years later, that we were able to verify our connections by means of our Y-DNA tests and documentation to the Poldean line and our ancient Clan Chiefs, and we are not done yet!

    Many people have contributed to our success, and not all were Johnstons or even closely connected. Of course without our Johnstons all of this would never have happened.

    Let's see what the next 12 years bring us.

    Good hunting,

    Clifford "Cliff." Johnston

    Pearland, Texas

    a descendant of William Johnstoun of Gretna and of Newbie, more specifically his son John Johnston of Newbie