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    I have to do this project and i need to find out some stuff about my family bakround so if anyone is an O'Farrell or Ferrall or however many ways its spelt then can you please tell me something about the family history cuz i cant find anything on the internet.

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    As simple as this may sound, go to Put in just the last name O'Farrell, don't put in anything else. This point is very important. It returns a hugh amount of information. Wade through it, you never know what you will find. When I put in the last name of my immediate family I was able to find two generations that I was missing. I put in the last name for my mother and I found the information for her grandparents and greatgrand parents. She never knew their names or any information because the family disowned her father and my grandmother refused to talk about them. So I was able to get a lot from it.

    That is just a place to start. has almost all the census images. These are full of information. You will need a subscription to it, but believe me, if you don't have it, it is well worth the investment.

    On, on the census records you will find neighbors and the whole household, etc. I attached some images that you can look at to guide you through that process. Take a look at those, if you have any problems, feel free to email me. My email is in my profile
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