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    Mtdna results Talk

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    here is what i have done
    i tested me got my ydna and my moms mtdna
    i tested my maternal grandmoms neices stevens mtdna we matched
    everyone did what they said they did
    i tested my son wifes off the hook
    i have her mtdna thru jr.
    i just tested my grand son he should match my sons mtdna because itwas his sisters boy
    i tested my paternal grand moms neice robertie she has my grand mom heslin mtdna

    now i run 10 projects
    4 surnames all basicly around longford cavan area of ireland then i am doing that area .i know tons of people from there came to chelsea ma. all my dennings 3500 of them. so i am doin chelsea. my wife is from brighton ma but four sq blocks of brighton came staraight from san danato frosine italy
    so i am doing frosinone and brighton /newton
    i asked thecavan list where people went so i did Parramatta.SydneyAu Project and HannibalMO/QuincyIL Project

    so the picture is migration and mtdna is a large part of it.

    i wanted to do Ontario maybe next time i'll do that