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  • BAIRD / BARD / BEARD Success Stories

    A Bard Family Genetic Genealogy Success Story:

    Curtis BARD (Kit # 12147) and Richard Albert BARD (Kit # 41680) are exact matches (13 25 15 11 11 14 12 12 10 12 11 29) in the 12 marker Y BARD, BAIRD, BEARD Y study.

    We had surmised our male BARD surname line connection from the compiled genealogy in The Bard Family by G.O. Seilhamer (commissioned by our ancestor Senator Thomas Robert BARD), but we had not verified it via official documents. The DNA match did that for us. Now we can say with a high degree of probability that all of the male ancestors that exist between the two of us, for all intents and purposes, are 'proven' by our DNA match. (See our relationship line below). This frees us up to concentrate on verifying other branches of our extended family tree.

    Richard Albert BARD and I (Curtis BARD) are both known now as "Bard's of Carroll's Delight" because of our common link to the "Carroll's Delight" tract of land and Marshall's (Virginia's) Mill in Pennsylvania associated with it, and owned by Archibald BEARD (BARD) b.circa 1710 and his son Richard BARD b.1736.

    Kit 41680 Richard Albert BARD - Kit 12147 Curtis BARD - Y 12 = 13 25 15 11 11 14 12 12 10 12 11 29

    Richard Albert BARD is CURTIS BARD's fourth cousin once removed

    CURTIS BARD → THOMAS DYSART BARD your father → THOMAS HENDERSON BARD his father → RICHARD BARD his father → RICHARD BARD his father →CAPT. THOMAS BARD his father → Judge Archibald Bard his brother → Isaac Bard his son → David Humphrey Bard his son → Asher Humphrey Bard his son → Richard Albert BARD his son.
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    J'ai en ascendance paternelle le nom Barbé, et aussi sur d'autres branches.

    L'origine du nom est béarnaise :
    Nom béarnais qui désigne un barbier.

    Le nom perd son accent aiguë lorsqu'il est écrit en anglais.


    manuel Mahé