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    I hope these trees are easy to read. To me they are. They’re like very simple pedigrees with one ancestor per block, since the Y chromosome is passed from father to son.

    I made a ZZ10_1 descendant tree last night and started on a Z46516 descendant tree. I retired last year and moved out to the boondocks of East Texas. We still don’t have internet at our house, so I post a lot on my phone. Every couple of days or so I go into town to Panera and use their internet connection with my laptop. When I do that again I’ll post my latest trees.
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      Here's my R1b-ZZ10_1 Descendant Tree. Pretty obviously I wanted to trace the Z253 line off of ZZ10_1

      R1b-ZZ10_1 Descendant Tree.jpg


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        Continuing on from R1b-Z253 to R1b-FGC3268. You can backtrack by looking at the little pedigree boxes in the upper right of each of these trees.

        R1b-FGC3268 Descendant Tree.jpg


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          I did one for R1b-DF49 down the DF23 line.

          R1b-DF49 Descendant Tree.jpg


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            Here's my R1b-Z46516 Descendant Tree. I took that one down the U152-to-L2 line.

            R1b-Z46516 Descendant Tree.jpg


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              Here's the last one (for now) in the R1b-Z253 line. It's the R1b-FGC59516 Descendant Tree. I went this way because it's my maternal grandfather's line (terminal SNP BY132893).

              R1b-FGC59516 Descendant Tree.jpg
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                I know this is the R1b subforum, but I hope you all don't mind me posting my R1a-M420 Descendant Tree. After all, R1a and R1b were brothers (so to speak) under R1-M173.

                R1a-M420 Descendant Tree.jpg


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                  Here's my R1b-ZP56 descendant tree (another one coming from DF49). I did this one because it includes the terminal SNP of a friend of mine.

                  R1b-ZP56 Descendant Tree.jpg


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                    Here's my R1b-DF27 Descendant Tree. Notice how ZZ12_1 over on the left side takes off, with at least 28 lineages represented today.

                    R1b-DF27 Descendant Tree.jpg