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Single Grave Corded Ware R1b-L51?

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    Originally posted by Stevo View Post
    The recent Wang et al paper, The Genomic Formation of Human Populations in East Asia, featured sample I6222 from the steppe pastoralist Afanasievo culture, recovered from a site in Mongolia and dated 3316-2918 cal BC. Well, that sample is R1b-L52 (P310), which was recently confirmed by the FTDNA lab's own examination of that ancient sample's BAM file.

    That is the oldest R1b-L52 thus far recovered.

    The recent Linderholm et al paper, Corded Ware cultural complexity uncovered using genomic and isotopic analysis from south-eastern Poland, found a number of Corded Ware skeletons that were R1b-L51. Interestingly, there was an autosomal affinity between those samples and the samples from the Afanasievo site described in Wang et al.
    Have you all seen sample C3341 from the Kumar et al paper, "Bronze and Iron Age population movements underlie Xinjiang population history"?

    It's R1b-L151. That first R1b1 below is mtDNA. R1b1a2a1a = L151.

    C3341 G218 Bronze Age Afanasievo[96-97] R1b1 M R1b1a2a1a

    It's the second Afanasievo R1b-L51 (or downstream) I know of. The first is an R1b-P310, sample I6222 from Wang et al, "The Genomic Formation of Human Populations in East Asia" (see the quote above).

    Here's a link to the Kumar paper, but it's behind a paywall.