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    Hi all,
    My son's father was 100% Mexican, both parents from Mexico. His DNA tested as expected, half a mix of mine (mostly northern and western Europe), 25% Native America/East Asian, and the rest a mixture of Iberian and a small % African. His y-haplogroup is R-Z214 and from what I can tell that is a European group. I was wondering if it's safe to assume that his male line came from conquistadors and was not Native? Thank you.

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    Originally posted by SpitFire View Post
    I was wondering if it's safe to assume that his male line came from conquistadors and was not Native? Thank you.
    No. In the last 500 years, the patrilineal line could have taken a variety of paths.



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      A quick look at the R-Z214 sub-trees at YFull ( and Alex Williamson's "Big Tree" ( strongly suggests that the founder of R-Z214 was originally Iberian. In fact, one notable descendant branch of R-Z214, R-M153, was originally observed with high frequencies within Basque and Iberian populations (

      The high frequencies of Hispanic and Latin-American (Central & South America) samples within R-Z214 does suggest that your son's paternal line may have descended from Spanish Conquistadors, but it is difficult to be absolutely certain of this without adequate genealogical research of that line. However, it is a safe assumption that this lineage probably originated in south-western Europe sometime within the past 500 years -- just not restrictively so.

      Vince T.


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        It is safe to assume that his male line is not Native, but, as stated above, it is difficult to know for sure that his male line comes from conquistadors without the genealogical research.

        I have not taken a Y-DNA test yet, but, for what it's worth, I am an Hispano from New Mexico, and most Hispano men from here can trace their male line to the soldiers of conquistador Juan de Onate, who settled New Mexico in 1598. A lot of the Y-DNA results that I have seen in my Family Finder matches are Y-DNA Haplogroup R-M269. There are also other R-M***, I-M***, and J-M*** Haplogroups.

        If you want to research your son's Mexican ancestry, you could start with this site: