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I am R-S1688 is a subgroup of R-M269

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  • I am R-S1688 is a subgroup of R-M269

    Would the new SNP test being offered on special, up to today, for the R1b-M343 & M269v2 Backbone SNP Pack be of any advantage to me...yes I am that clueless! I know that I am M269 and I doubt that is the same as M269v2.

    When I look on the tree, I follow down, I believe it is L21 (I have so many windows open right now) which is orange, which "Presumes" i am of that clad....but when I get to R-S1688, and follow it back up, I am under P312 which is black, and definitely not part of that clad. So I am a bit confused.

    Thanks for any help any one might offer.


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    "v2" denotes this as being the 2nd version of the R1b-M343 & M269 Backbone SNP Pack. If you already know your subclade below R-M343 or R-M269, DO NOT order this pack! It is designed for those that still languish with the red predicted "R-M343" or "R-M269" haplogroup assignments.

    The Ybrowse database suggests that S1688 is situated below R1b-U198, whereas FTDNA's haloptree shows it below R1b-Z301 and immediately above R1b-U198. FTDNA is correct in this case, and I will arrange to have the Ybrowse entry corrected.

    IF you are U106+ and U198+, please join the R1b-U198 Project, located at

    IF you are U106+ and U198-, please join the R1b-U106 Project, located at


    Vince T.
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