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    Originally posted by Nite Owl View Post
    I am the proxy for kit # 333647 and have just joined. This person is predicted to be M-269 based on 67-markers. I would like to know what the next steps should be. Let me ask some questions:

    1)Is this project active? Perhaps I missed some posts, but I didn't notice any recent activity.

    2)Where can I find the modals for all of the known subclades and some details on how to find the best fit.? I will rely on the Admins for their expertise and judgement, but would like to understand the process.

    3)This individual is a close match with Kit# 91587, who is Big-Y and L-21+. Kit# 333647 is +/-1 for all markers in the L21 modal, unless I made an error.

    4)I am confused by the forums at FTDNA and YAHOO. What is the distinction and why two different groups?
    I will let the administrators of the project answer the above questions.

    However, what are your expectations and needs? You do not need to answer here. Just ask yourself.

    Looking for your family (any, distant, etc.)? Looking for your deep Y DNA ancestry? Would you be able to contribute to the research by ordering Big Y? Want genealogical researchers to be able to easily connect to you (or your family branch)?

    W. (Mr.)