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    I am curious of what surnames are represented by FTDNA members included under the R1b haplogroup.

    Mine is Hale. My specific paternal haplogroup is R1b1b2a1a A.K.A R-405 (subgroup of R-M269).

    What is yours?


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    Hi Tom,

    R1b is the commonest haplogroup in Western Europe - in some regions, between half and 90% of men have it, so I'm not sure it's terribly useful for surname research, or even frequency plotting.

    I got my brother Y-DNA tested (I couldn't, I'm a girl )

    He was recently reclassified R-M269 (can't remember what it used to be called before - R1 something...)

    He matched quite a few surnames. The only trouble was, he didn't match anyone with our actual surname. Oops! His closest matches have a different surname altogether.

    Looks like a non-paternal event (NPE) somewhere. Could be adoption, could be illegitimacy.

    The strength of the matches (to a different surname) indicates it could be quite recent, but as it's all a game of probability, a close match does not always mean the most recent common ancestor was recent. It's suggestive of that, but not proof. I'm sure my brother is not illegitimate or adopted (we weren't in any doubt, but just in case, he's a full-blood Family Finder match for me). We don't think my dad was, either, for the simple reason he looked like his dad - and he never, ever, expressed any doubts or suspicions, even in private, to my mum). Sometimes you hear people say: "Something never felt quite right" - but not that with Dad.

    We don't think his dad (my grandad) was illegitimate or adopted either. Harder to say, the more distant you get, because you don't really know the people so well - but again, there has never been any family gossip or speculation. All seems in order.

    So it might have been generations ago.

    Sorry for my long aside. Pretty much all my brother's matches sound British - because we are British - so no big surprise there. Only that our family name wasn't among them.

    Good luck with your quest!

    Did you match other Hales yourself? I realise that's quite a personal question, so don't feel you have to answer.

    I'm curious how many people don't find their own surname represented in their matches.


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      This is a lot more common than I think most people realize. My niece has done a bunch of research because of "relatives" that showed up in matches that were unknown.

      Turns out my great grandfather had a "second wife" with 4 kids, all of whom had kids, etc. So the tree has a large branch that was completely unknown to the family.


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        Our R1b1 surname is Stockton from the area of Cheshire, England. If anyone that is researching this family would like to correspond with me please do. [email protected]


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          Our R1b1 surname is Stockton from the area of Cheshire, England. If anyone that is researching the Stockton R1b family in England or America and would like to correspond with me please do. [email protected]