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R1b-BY168 and Subclades Project

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  • R1b-BY168 and Subclades Project

    Here is the phylogenetic pedigree of BY168, with one listed SNP standing in for the block of SNPs at each level:

    R-M207>R1-M173>R1b-M343>L754>L389>P297>M269>L23>L51>P310>L151>P312> Z290>L21>DF13>Z39589>DF41>FGC5572>BY168

    Here's a link to the project web site:

    My most recent run of the SAPP tool yielded a tmrca for BY168 that takes us back to about 550 BC, so I have some hope that it may turn up in Iron Age dna in the British Isles eventually.

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    Thus far there are just two major divisions within BY168: FT61490 and BY166. My own line of SNPs is under BY166.

    All of the guys in the FT61490 branch are brickwalled in North America, but one of the surnames is most frequent in Yorkshire.

    BY166 appears to be most common in Wales and along the Welsh border in western England. The surnames are Welsh, and that part of England was once part of the old Welsh kingdom of Powys.

    BY166 is also known as Z18021.


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      Here's a graphic on the BY166 (Z18021) branch of BY168.

      R1b-BY166 subclades.jpg


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        BTW, if you are an FTDNA customer and have a Z18021 result from 23andMe, you can join the R1b-BY168 and Subclades Project. Please do!
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          New Big Y-700 results in the project led me to update the BY166 tree graphic. Here's the new version. It may change in the next few days as FTDNA takes a closer look at those Big Y-700 results.

          R1b-BY166 subclades.jpg


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            R1b-BY166 subclades.jpgI mentioned above that the tree might change once FTDNA had time to take a closer look at those new Big Y-700 results, and it has. Here's the update.
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              R1b-BY168 subclades.jpgHere's the whole BY168 tree, based on Big Y testing, which has been a godsend.
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                Okay, I'm posting yet another refinement of the BY168 graphic, this time with dates based on TMRCAs from my most recent use of Dave Vance's excellent SAPP tool. I didn't post dates for SNPs with too few or too closely related representatives to get an accurate TMRCA. Such dates end up being too recent and contradict the known genealogy without good reason.

                R1b-BY168 subclades.jpg