Yesterday I reduced the categories on the Y-DNA Results pages of the R L21 and Subclades Project to just the major branches of DF63 and DF13, plus an L21* category; an L21+, DF13- (please test for DF63) category; an L21+, DF13-, DF63- category; and the usual catch-all categories on the last page or two.

I did this because Big Y and other NGS testing are growing the L21 tree exponentially and so rapidly that it makes creating and maintaining categories for every little sub-branch and branchlet a full-time job. Greater subclade detail will have to be left to each branch project.

I reckon some folks won't be happy about this, but you can't please everyone all the time. I have to make things manageable for myself. The R L21 and Subclades Project is a very large project.