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BIG Y and Terminal SNP

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  • LDill
    Terminal SNP not updated

    Hello I like to get my terminal snp updated. Some of my matches in myFTDNA were updated to FGC35555. These matches were tested positive for FGC35555 by the Big Y. I also was tested positive for FGC35555 by the Big Y but my terminal snp has not been updated. I was also wondering if FTDNA will make FGC35555 available for individual testing because some of my cousins might be interested in getting updated to FGC35555. I am also wondering why FGC35555 was chosen to be the terminal snp instead of FGC35551? I do not know if it has been determined if FGC35551 or FGC35555 is the younger snp?

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  • Stevo
    started a topic BIG Y and Terminal SNP

    BIG Y and Terminal SNP

    If you get a new terminal SNP via your Big Y results and want to be moved to the project category for that SNP, please send me an email and let me know. I'm sorry but I cannot check everyone's Big Y results for new terminal SNP results. There are just too many.

    The large number of novel SNPs being found (i.e., the ones not yet on ISOGG's R Tree) do not yet have project categories.

    We have to wait for those to be sorted out by the truly computer literate among us.