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Lutz's from Huntingdon County PA 1700 - 1958

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  • Albiger
    I2a Alpine is still very rare. What about STR matches?

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  • mytree
    Guest started a topic Lutz's from Huntingdon County PA 1700 - 1958

    Lutz's from Huntingdon County PA 1700 - 1958


    My husband took the DNA test and hasn't received any matches. He also hasn't matched any Lutz's in their projects. My question is this, are there any Lutz's whose DNA matches the Lancaster, Huntingdon County, PA Lutz's?
    From the Jacob Lutz, Catharine Long, lineage through to the John X. Lutz, Rebecca Orlady marriage which produced 4 sons.

    My husband is I2a*P37.2-Alpine, I need to know if there are Lutz's whose DNA is linked to the Pennsylvania Lutz's above, this would mean there's an adoption somewhere along the line and maybe point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for any help or direction, my husband is discouraged because I have over 8,000 matches.