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Who has most 12/12 matches?

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    Yeah, I asked FTDNA to check the null, which they did, they re ran the tests.
    (I think they do recheck nulls automatically before posting them initially)

    I can understand the 385b difference quite easily, as a mutation has to happen somewhere.

    I have a theory about my brothers null.
    My dad served on a naval ship just after Atomic testing in the 1950s.
    The ship was washed down with salt water only.
    I still feel that maybe some slight residual radiation may have affected his yDNA and caused the null.

    Of course that is only a theory. I could get my other brothers and nephews to test to see what they have, but what is the point. Also the cost....
    Unfortunately my dad passed away years ago, so I cant test him.
    My dad and uncle were the only sons.

    I'm much more interested in finding more family back up the line and having them test, to see if they have 385a = 10.
    Also just in finding some family back up the line woud be great. We seem to to be the only section of the family doing genealogy.
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      I have one 11/12 match, two 24/25 matches, one 35/37 match and one 62/67 match.

      ySearch K34ZT


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        I only have nine (9) matches


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          12 marker matches

          My Dad, James Gavin Embry, I1, has 25 exact matches, none of whom share our surname. The one person with the same surname, who we know is related does not show up as a match in the 12 marker series. He shows up as a 25 marker exact match and a 37 marker distance 2 marker. So... hum...


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            It is probably how he has his settings on his preferences page.


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              Originally posted by rucksack View Post
              It is probably how he has his settings on his preferences page.
              Yes, because there are so many 'false positive' matches with 12 markers, many -- like me -- switch the 12 marker matches off.

              FTDNA is/was supposedly implementing SmartMatching on Y-DNA in 2009, but so far that hasn't happened. When, and if, they implement that, we should see the end of most if not all of the false positives and people can (hopefully) switch on 12 marker matching again and expect it to mean something -- which, paradoxically, in my case will be zero matches.
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