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Is FTDNA going to offer 'phasing' for myOrigins sometime soon?

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  • Is FTDNA going to offer 'phasing' for myOrigins sometime soon?

    'Phasing' for ethnicity estimates if you have at least one parent tested that is... I read somewhere that they will offer this feature sometime in the future if not soon

    Because since I also have both my parents' myOrigins results as well, so it would be nice if phasing would also be implemented for ethnicity estimates too and could refine one's results etc..

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    Phasing one's kit based on triangulating segments with other kits or from first-degree relatives' kits would be a huge step forward for genetic genealogy, in my opinion. Genealogical conclusions from DNA tests need to be based on verifiable sequences, not just on a collection of SNP scores. The whole field of admixture testing, including "chromosome painting", needs to deal with sequences, not just rough probabilities applied to a collection of SNP scores that may or may not come from the same homologue. However, the computational requirements to do this will be significant. A way forward would be FIRST to develop a library of inferred (triangulating and/or phased-from-first-degree-relatives) segment sequences, and THEN to use those sequences as input to the admixture algorithms -- including those admixture algorithms used to develop and verify reference groups. Eventually, I expect the "first" part of this scenario will be replaced by "long read sequencing", which will yield actual sequences for both homologues of each chromosome. When "long read sequencing" becomes the norm, too, the algorithms that now are used to guess what the actual sequences are for matching segments will become irrelevant, and the computational requirements for the detailed comparison of two kits should be significantly reduced.