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Linking a free data upload to a paid kit

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  • Linking a free data upload to a paid kit

    Is there a way to connect the data from my AncestryDNA which I had imported to FTDNA to the Y-111 which I purchased? My Y-111 is being analyzed and is expected to be completed in January. I would like to link them together.


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    It would be best to contact FTDNA to see if they can connect the two tests in one account number. There is no way for you to join the two kits yourself.

    It sounds like you did the transfer from Ancestry first, but I'm unclear about whether you ordered your Y-111 when you were logged in to your original kit, or not. Did you order it while logged out? If so, you would have received a new account number for the Y-111 test, different than the Family Finder account with your transferred Ancestry data. If the latter is your case, use the link for Customer Support at the top right of these forum pages. You can submit your support request on that page, or if you want to phone, the number and business hours are there. There is also a chat option now.
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      Thanks, I will contact them. I ordered it separately not logged in. I did not know that it would have been better to order it when logged in to the imported kit number.