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    Hello everyone!
    I transferred my dna here via and have been a little confused by my results here. It says I'm 3% (the map circles) Boznia Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece & Italy. However, every other test I've taken and gedmatch research included has reflected Turkish roots as well as some Arab roots. I'm Jewish for context, so I'm not sure if that effects the Italian result as well, because I've heard that some people get a little bit of Italian/Greek when they are Jewish.
    Normally on other dna tests I'm roughly 13% Turkish. I had a great grandmother who was half Turkish.
    Can anyone explain this? Does the region that the map shows reflect Turkish ancestry? Would love to hear about your results if you are Turkish as well
    22 November 2020
    22 November 2020

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    Here is the map of where it shows me I am from-just for reference. Ignore all of the background tabs I have up. One can tell that I am a genealogist 2020-11-22.png


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      You haven't mentioned all your myorigins 3 percentages.

      It would help - it's the only way we can evaluate your results.

      Does the region that the map shows reflect Turkish ancestry?
      Your Turkish ancestor may have been a Balkan Turk .

      Also in the image you attached the U.K is circled too. Other areas circled too ?
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        Yes, my computer won't take a big enough screenshot for everything. Basically, I'm Sephardic Jewish, Ashkenazi Jewish, Arab, Native American, British, South African and Scandinavian.


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          Ok, I use my smartphone plus a photo editing app - easier.

          Like I said read up about Balkan Turks.

          Make a start here :

          Also go to Reddit and view the results of individuals, that have Balkan Turk ancestry ( the Reddit app is great ) - I recently viewed the 23andme subreddit etc

          Thanks for sharing.
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            Just found these Sephardic Jewish results which you'll no doubt find interesting.

            That's all from me - good luck in your research.
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              Thank you for your response to my thread! The articles are super helpful- and I think there is a lot of substantial evidence that they were Balkan Turks! Yes- my name is Hebrew and I'm Jewish with a Turkish grandparent
              You are welcome - I transferred your comments from the other thread.

              Jews in the Balkans :
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