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Myorigins 3 Vs Myorigins 3 beta

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  • Myorigins 3 Vs Myorigins 3 beta

    Myorigins 3 Beta results (attached image) - received in the last week of February.

    Paper trail last 400-500 years :

    Mostly, Greek,Maltese and Italian - a few ancestral lines are Arvanite,Catalan and French.

    Compared to current results :

    Europe 100%
    Southern Europe

    Italian Peninsula
    Greece & Balkans
    Eastern Europe

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    myOrigins 3.0 was released in September 2020. myOrigins 2.0 was released in 2017. FTDNA orginally planned to release myOrigins 3.0 in June, but delayed the release until September.

    Are you sure your earlier results (in your attached screenshot, which doesn't look like it's a screenshot taken from the webpage - it has a different design) were actually labeled as 3.0 Beta? I would think that they were for myOrigins 2.0, unless you were chosen as a Beta tester for myO 3.0.

    Since there was a delay in releasing v. 3.0, I don't recall that there was any Beta for myOrigins 3.0, and this is the first I've heard of it. I saved screenshots for each of 13 kits when their myOrigins 3.0 results were released in September, and while a few weren't available until a few weeks , all say 3.0, with no Beta shown.

    I logged in to check my own again, but the only change I see is that now there is a "Compare Origins" tab, which has new features to use when comparing origins with your matches, and as described in Roberta Estes' blog post, "DNA Tidbit #2: FamilyTreeDNA’s Compare Origins Map." Previously the tab was labeled "Shared Origins," and did not have the features described in the blog post.

    Perhaps others can check to see if they had any Beta results.
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      Who said anything about there being an official Myorigins 3 beta version.

      I was fortunate enough to have had a sneak preview whilst they were perfecting.

      Obviously, I could only mention in public after the final version of myorigins 3 was published.
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        Originally posted by CNT View Post
        Myorigins 3 Beta results (attached image) - received in the last week of February.
        Originally posted by CNT View Post
        Who said anything about there being an official Myorigins 3 beta version.
        I was fortunate enough to have had a sneak preview whilst they were perfecting.
        Thank you for adding the information that you were a "sneak preview" tester of myOrigins 3.0, because that is an important point for my understanding. I recognize that you couldn't mention it in public until after the official version had been released.

        Whether it actually was labeled as "myOrigins 3.0 Beta" or otherwise, you knew it was a Beta version of myOrigins 3.0 and described it as such. Since I hadn't heard of any type of myOrigins 3.0 Beta version, I speculated that you might have been a Beta tester, and you have confirmed that you had "sneak preview" results, which you called "Myorigins 3 Beta results." So I hope you can understand my misinterpretation, such as it was.

        To me, the percentages for your Italian Peninsula, Greece & Balkans, and Malta & Sicily populations seem fairly constant, within +/- 1-4%. You lost your Sardinia and Basque amounts, and got almost 2% more of Magyar in place of Hungarian. I manage 9 kits for people with full or half Greek and Maltese ancestry, but of course none were myOrigins 3.0 sneak preview testers. Since there were not separate categories for Italian Peninsula, Greece & Balkans, or Malta & Sicily in myOrigins 2.0, it's hard to compare them to v. 3.0, except using the older Southeast Europe cluster. I am pleased that there are now categories for Greece and Malta, and for the most part most of the kits I manage with those ancestries has become more focused in those areas.

        I'll leave it to others with myOrigins 3.0 "sneak preview" results to comment from here on out.


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          I mentioned my known paper trail ancestry and I was expecting someone to compare my two myorigins 3 results - beta and final version.

          And then say which version , in their opinion, was more in line with my known paper trail ancestry.

          Unfortunately, I was not a beta tester.


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            Hello All,

            In February of this year I communicated with Mr Bennett Greenspan whom I have known since 2004 and towards the end of that month he sent me a beta version of Myorigins 3.

            I can now thank him in public for doing so - Thanks Bennett.

            Also, like I said in my previous post I was never a beta tester.

            Now being 70+% Greek paper trail
            - what I am seeing with individuals, that have 4 Greek grandparents are Greece/Balkan %s ranging from 68 -85 and the remaining % being mostly Italian peninsula .

            The above percentages are for Greeks with grandparents from mainland Greece and Ionian islands - my genetic cousins.

            Greeks from Asia Minor have high middle East percentages.I don't have ancestral lines from that part of the world ( paper trail records last 400 years ).

            As regards my Maltese genetic
            cousins - they get 90+% - 100% Malta ( ones with 4 Maltese grandparents )

            ​​​I will add more in the next few days .
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              Background information:
              I first did an autosomal test in the latter part of 2008 with

              In 2009 I uploaded my raw data file to deCODEme (an Icelandic company)


              deCODEme had a good chromosome browser which enabled you to compare your results with reference populations obtained from academic studies.You could dial down for eg. to 1cM segment size or less.

              A few years later in a 23andme ancestry composition update I had 0.2% south Asian.Something I didn't dismiss because I knew from decodeme's chromosome browser, that I did have a few 1cM segments ( not continuous) on Chromosome 15 from South Asia.That percentage did disappear in future updates.

              Generally speaking, those small percentages are possibly more ancient in nature.

              Now let us look at my myorigins 3 ( current and beta versions - please read my initial post to view my results )

              Let me be more specific as regards my Greek ancestry :

              The majority of my Greek ancestral lines are from Corfu and Epirus ( a county bordering Albania ).In the absence of reference population samples from these places( in sufficient numbers) it is obvious, that any ethnicities analysis will produce percentages in neighbouring areas/countries.

              Now when we examine my smaller percentages - Basque, Sardinian,Magyar (Hungarian) they are fairly Accurate.

              I do have Catalan,French and north east Italian (Istrian Italian too ) ancestral origins which are neighbouring areas/countries to the reference populations.

              Conclusion : I find both of my Myorigins 3 results fairly accurate based on my paper trail research and what I have said above about ethnicities analyses.

              Companies , that I have tested or have analyzed my raw data files with :

              23andme, deCODEme,Ethnoancestry, Dodecad project *, FTDNA and myheritage.

              * Project admin a hobbyist genetics researcher at the time.

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                Originally posted by CNT

                * Project admin a hobbyist genetics researcher at the time.
                DP ( Dienekes Pontikos /pseudonym) contributed a lot to the genetic genealogy community - I take my hat off to him.

                On a humorous note : I used to laugh a lot in those days when non Greek speakers addressed him as Mr Pontikos.

                In Greek " Pontikos " = Mouse .


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                  Hello All,

                  I am just posting my myorigins 3 beta percentages here so non Ftdna forum members can view.



                  Southern Europe


                  Greece & Balkans


                  Italian Peninsula


                  Malta & Sicily






                  Eastern Europe





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                    The attached map accurately predicts where the majority of my ancestors were from.

                    I do have paper trail records - 400 to 500 years ( and some of my ancestral lines can be researched into the 1400s )

                    That is all I have to say.
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