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  • Matches Missing in Shared Origins

    I have a total of 4814 autosomal matches (FamilyFinder). But when I go to the Shared Origins tab in myOrigins, only 2553 are listed. Some of the missing are in the 1st to 3rd cousin range, specifically #s 6, 7, and 8 on the matches page. I've tried different filters -- it always goes back to 2553. When I try to search for the missing names, they aren't found. I've even tried selecting names on the matches page, then going to Shared Origins. Nope. Am I doing something wrong?

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    See "Information Shared with Matches" in the FTDNA Learning Center. Under "Test Result Information," it says:

    Your ethnicity (myOrigins percentages) will be shared with your Family Finder matches at the selected match level(s) if you selected the Opt in to Sharing option in the Origins Sharing section on your Privacy & Sharing page.
    The difference between your total number of matches, and those shown in Shared Origins, seems to be due to those of your matches who have not opted in to sharing their origins with their matches. I have 936 matches in Shared Origins, and 1,822 matches total. So, almost half of my matches have opted to not share their origins. I wonder if others have similar ratios as you and I do?
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      @KATM: Thank you. I figured it must be something like that. But I wasn't aware of that option and didn't find the documentation you pointed out. I find it a little odd that I can download the matching chromosomes for these same folks -- so far as I can tell -- and use them in the chromosome browser and matrix pages. I'm helping a friend with her results and she has 7936 out of 15591 matches that are available for shared origins, which is half. Weird!