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    Hi, I hope someone out there can shed some light on this for me. When I go onto my origins and the area I'm from is highlighted, there is a blue flag and two pink ones, I click on the blue one expecting to see either myself or my ancestor. However, what I actually see is one of my male matches and one of my female matches. Does anyone know why this would be, the matches are not my closest match. I have uploaded my autosomal dna from Ancestry and I am waiting for my Y111 kit to be received which was posted 10th March. Any insight would be welcome. Thanks

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    This may be something new on the myOrigins map; I do not recall seeing it before. The FTDNA Learning Center page for myOrigins Walkthrough has a section for "myOrigins Map," where it says:
    The myOrigins Map is an interactive page that displays your Genetic Populations as color-coded regions. The color-coded regions correspond to the color code associated with the corresponding Population Cluster.

    You can click on a color-coded region on the map to view it’s description in the sidebar.
    There is no mention of the flags (or pins or balloons) that we are now seeing, which leads me to believe that my memory is correct, and this is something new. I see that the blue flags are for the match's paternal ancestor, and the red/pink flag is for their maternal ancestor. In checking the myOrigins map for one account that I manage, he has 6 flags; the matches to which these flags correspond are at an immediate to close relationship; his daughter, his sister, and his known second cousin. Two flags appear for each match, one for the maternal and one for the paternal ancestors of each.

    Since an update to myOrigins, from version 2.0 to 3.0, is supposed to be coming soon, I wonder if they aren't introducing small elements of 3.0 a bit at a time? First the cluster changed from a "heat map" display of clusters, to a uniform pastel area with a border. Now we have these flags/pins/balloons. According to Roberta Estes' blog post, "Sneak Peek at FamilyTreeDNA's myOrigins Version 3.0," there is no mention of flags for matches, but there are supposed to be more population clusters, and also ethnicity chromosome painting.
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      You would see such flags for yourself (as well as flags for your relevant matches), with your earliest known paternal and maternal ancestors, in your Matches Maps for Y-DNA and mtDNA (if you tested them), and had entered that information in your Account Settings. For details, see and (section on Earliest Known Ancestors).
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        Thank you, I think I may have to do more reading. I am baffled as to why this match shows, as the range is in the 4th cousin area and there are closer matches who, I am quite sure, have at least one ancestor from the same area but do not show up on the highlighted area. I will read the 'walkthrough' to see what I can learn.


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          The closer matches may not have entered their Earliest Known Ancestors, so would not show up as flags. If you click on the "Shared Origins" tab in the Origins section at left on the myOrigins page, you should see your closer matches in the list.
          Added to note: I just went to the Shared Origins list, and clicked to the next page, with matches 11-20. The flags changed to show some of those matches, and no longer showed the matches from 1-10.

          The current Walkthrough should be okay for now, but one hopes they will update it in a timely fashion when they fully introduce myOrigins v. 3.0.
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            Unfortunately, I am of the age where my parents are no longer with us, and I have no knowledge of my biological paternal line, hence the Y111 test. I am assuming that most of the matches I have would be from my maternal side, which is why, having looked at my closest matches trees, I am sure there are closer matches who would show on the highlighted origins map. I still quite enjoy being educated so I will have a good look at the links you have given.


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              Regarding your Family Finder matches, they are just as likely to be from your paternal side as your maternal side. If you have known maternal relatives who can do a Family Finder test, you may want to use the Family Matching Feature. You need to have, or make, a family tree at FTDNA in your account in order to use it. This feature will help to sort your matches into a maternal list (tab), and will add a red maternal icon to those matches in your FF match list (paternal icons are blue, if you had any known paternal relatives to test). This will make it easier to judge which of the remaining people on your match list may be from your biological father's side.

              You can read these two blog posts by Roberta Estes to learn more about the Family Matching Feature (formerly called Family Matching System):From the second link just above, here is a list of relatives which can be used with the Family Matching Feature (the list is not included in the FTDNA page on this feature):
              • Parent(s)
              • Aunts
              • Uncles
              • First Cousins
              • Grandparents
              • Half siblings
              • Half “other relatives” such as aunts, uncles, first cousins, etc.
              • Second Cousins
              • Third Cousins
              • Great-great-grandparents
              • Great-grandparents
              • Grand uncles
              • Grand aunts
              • Great-grandaunts
              • Great-granduncles


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                I have a match showing as 2nd-4th cousin, who also showed up on the Origins map as a maternal ancestor, so I added her on my tree, ran the match and she and another match were flagged with the red icon. I have no-one I could enter as a match on the paternal side. On Ancestry, I have a half great niece whom I may be able to ask to upload her data, which may give an insight into which side is which. I also have a Y111 test at the analysing stage at the moment, I may wait a while to see what, if anything, this produces. Thank you for your help.