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Anusim? got Ashkenazi results

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  • Anusim? got Ashkenazi results


    I tested with 23 and me and uploaded to FTDNA and a few more companies. Got AJ in all of them. Quite a few typical AJ surname matches. Help, my Gedmatch is AH4938598. Thanks.
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    I looked up Anuism, as it was a new term to me. Wikipedia defines it as being "a legal category of Jews in halakha (Jewish law) who were forced to abandon Judaism against their will, typically while forcibly converted to another religion. The term "anusim" is most properly translated as the "coerced [ones]" or the "forced [ones]"."

    What do you want to know? It is hard to help without knowing the circumstances of your ancestry, and the percentages of Ashkenazi Jewish that you got from the different companies. But, since you mentioned having quite a few AJ surname matches, and since your matches are a better indicator of your ancestry than ethnicity estimates, it seems very likely you have some Jewish ancestry. Have you tried the different admixture tools at GEDmatch? I do not have time to check your kit myself.

    You may want to refer to the Google spreadsheet, "Gedmatch Admixture Populations," specifically the Eurogenes JTest and the sheets for Oracle Populations and Jewish Populations in Oracle.
    The blog Genealogical Musings has a guide for GEDmatch, "Finally! A Gedmatch Admixture Guide!" which should be very helpful. has a page on Jewish genetics.


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      Thanks for the post and the info, I will try your suggestions. My family history is mostly of Canary Islanders, Andalusian, Basque that inmigrated to Puerto Rico n the 18th to 19th century and maybe earlier (I have My Ydna is I1 that 23andme classifies as Z28 my MtDna is A2. Thanks again.


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        I can't seem to find an I1 subclade named Z28, looking at the FTDNA Haplotree, the Eupedia page for Y-DNA haplogroup I, or the ISOGG 2019-2020 Haplogroup I Tree. Perhaps I'm overlooking it. Do you happen to know any of the higher branches, up from Z28? Does 23andMe specify if it is I1a, or otherwise? In case there was a typographical error, I see that there is a subclade Z58 for I1, in the DF29 branch (I1a).

        mtDNA haplogroup A2 is native American. Roberta Estes has a blog post "Native American Maternal Haplogroup A2a and B2a Dispersion" (from 2013) which you might read. Two other of her posts are "New Native American Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups" (from 2017) and the older "Native American Mitochondrial Haplogroups" (from 2013), which both include information for the many A2 branches.

        Getting back to your Jewish-surnamed matches, of course your haplogroups for your Y-DNA (direct paternal line) and mtDNA (direct maternal line) are only two lines of your ancestors, out of many other lines in which a Jewish ancestor might have been.

        I took a quick look using your kit number with the Eurogenes JTest admixture calculator at GEDmatch, and from the amount shown, it is possible that you may have had a Jewish ancestor roughly four generations ago (if the amount came from one ancestor). If inherited from two ancestors, they could be from earlier generations. If you have your tree worked out that far, perhaps you can see if there are any potential candidates who might have been Jewish.

        You also may want to join projects at FTDNA for your Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups; but I'm not sure if all require you to have had haplogroup testing done at FTDNA to join them.


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          Oops, Z58 that is.


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            Thanks agaln KTAM, I just enrolled in 2 projects of conversos. The ydna and mtdna I did in FTDNA a while ago. My pet worklng hyphotesis is that the line comes from jews forced to convert by the Spanish inquisition, but I do not know for sure.


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              Could be! I hope the admins of those projects can advise you, as well as any paper research you can do. Did you have the mtDNA Full Sequence done at FTDNA? What types of Y-DNA tests did you do at FTDNA?

              And don't ignore your other lines for the possible conversos or otherwise Jewish ancestors. Good luck in your search!