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Jewish? Gypsy? Or maybe a different nationality, what do you think?

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  • Jewish? Gypsy? Or maybe a different nationality, what do you think?

    I wonder if anyone can help me figure out my heritage. I am Polish from what I know from both parents but myself, my mother and her mother look very different than a standard Pole. My mother even complained about other children trying to bully her by calling her a Gyspy when she was little and she would even be asked if she has African genes because she looks so different. This is because we all have very tan skin, black very curly hair and dark eyes. To be honest, her and my grandmother look very very different, so please don't take this the wrong way, but because my mother knows almost nothing about her family and we stand out so much from the crowd I did a DNA test. My Origins gave me 100% East European so I found out nothing new. I also tried out Dna.Land and it gave me much more interesting results:

    North Slavic 74%
    Ashkenazi 11%
    Balkan 11%
    Northwest European 1.6%
    Southwestern European 1.3%

    My kit number on Gedmatch is WW5810336 but I find it difficult to use so it didn't clear anything up. Can anyone try to help me figure this out? Maybe my great-grandparents were Jewish or Gypsy or any other nationality? Many thanks in advance.

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    For starters, whether male or female, you could do mtDNA testing at FTDNA to ascertain your mother's haplogroup. Perhaps another poster here will recommend Y testing for your father's line and give you the reasons.

    FTDNA could still be having a sale..........


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      The Holiday Sale has been extended. It now ends on Jan. 2, 2020, and the mtDNA Full Sequence test is on sale for $139 USD.

      The ancestor(s) from whom your grandmother, mother and you all inherited your non-standard (for Polish) appearance may not be in your direct maternal line, or direct paternal line. But, if you can afford it, you could try the mtDNA test, as it may be informative. There is a scientific paper about the "Origins and Divergence of the Roma (Gypsies)," but it shows quite a variety of haplogroups for Roma. FTDNA forum poster David Locke had an interesting post for checking your Family Finder matches for certain haplogroups associated with Romani. has a page for "Polish Genetics: Abstracts and Summaries."

      Roberta Estes has a post about DNA.Land, and you may want to read the summary.

      As far as using admixture tools at GEDmatch, there are a few guides:also
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        My response that I posted inside GEDmatch's forum is:


        My impression from running your kit WW5810336 through Eurogenes K36 is that you are a fairly typical Pole without any Jewish or Romani Gypsy ancestry. Your Family Tree DNA MyOrigins estimate of 100% East European is more accurate than DNA.Land's estimate that contains a false Ashkenazi Jewish element for you. I would not, on the other hand, reject the "Balkan" portion of DNA.Land's estimate for you.

        Reason #1:
        Your Arabian, Armenian, East Med, and Near Eastern scores are all zero percent. Those are critical elements for Jews.
        Your West Caucasian score of 0.54 percent is noise level.
        You also score zero percent in the North African category.

        Reason #2:
        Your South Asian and South Central Asian scores are both zero percent. Those are critical elements for Romani.

        Reason #3:
        Some Poles from southern and southeastern Poland, including Gorals, partially have distant "Vlach" ancestry from the northern Balkans / Romania, even while the bulk of their ancestry is Polish Slavic.
        It is also fairly normal for some of them to be darker-haired and darker-complexioned than some Poles from further north.
        But it seems your mother lived in a town or region where that type of Pole was rare, so she was an outlier.