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FTDNA vs. MyHeritage Results

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  • FTDNA vs. MyHeritage Results

    Hello, everyone.

    I got my results from FTDNA a few days ago, on Friday. They are as follows:

    -70% West and Central Europe
    -7% Southeast Europe

    -12% West Middle East

    -7% North and Central America

    ------- The other about 4% were trace results.

    Now, here's my family paper trail: about 40% Portuguese, 40% Northern Italian, and the other 20% are still ambiguous, as I know very little about my paternal grandmother's family.

    So it was a bit disconcerting not to see any Iberian in the results. Also, the Amerindian results seem to be off, as I'm pretty sure the Native Americans in my family are from South America, but I get it that they don't have much detailing in the region yet.

    So, I went on and uploaded my raw data to MyHeritage to compare (- and I'm going for tests on Ancestry and LivingDNA as well), and I got considerably different results:

    -27% Italian
    -22.5% Iberian
    -19.9% North and West European
    -9.2% Scandinavian

    -7.2% North African
    -3% Nigerian

    -9% Mesoamerican and Andean
    -0.8% Indigenous Amazonean

    -1.4 West Asian

    This looked a bit more like what I expected. I got my Portuguese, I got a higher amount of Italian, while still keeping the German quota, and it sounds more likely to me to have North Africa rather than the Levant as the representation of the Moors in Portugal. (America is still way off, though.)

    I would love to have your thoughts on this. I trust FTDNA way more than MyHeritage, but somehow MH's map looks more reliable in my case. Is there anything I'm missing?

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    Not sure how many grains of salt you should take with the results, as it is all based on guessing to a degree I suppose.
    I don't know which testing group is the most accurate, as they base it all on (slightly) different population breakdowns /statistics and might be hard to accurately compare them all?

    For instance I am really confused with my results.
    Why have I got Scandinavia 24%, when neither of my parents, aunt or cousin have any?
    (My y-dna SNP test implies I am paternally descended from Iberia area.)

    Me: (96% European and 0% everything else - not even adding up to 100%)
    British Isles 55%
    Scandinavia 24%
    West and Central Europe 17%
    Jewish Diaspora - Sephardic <2%
    My mother:
    British Isles 91%
    East Europe 9%
    My Father:
    British Isles 21%
    West and Central Europe 77%
    Finland < 2%
    My Father's Sister (Aunt):
    British Isles 26%
    Finland < 1%
    West and Central Europe 74%
    2nd Cousin 1R (same direct paternal line):
    British Isles 57%
    Finland < 2%
    West and Central Europe 42%