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Contradictory Ashkenazi results

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  • Contradictory Ashkenazi results


    I’m a Turkish guy from Istanbul. I had some ashkenazi percentages from different companies which varies from %0 to %16. My question is how can ashkenazi results can vary that much? I have no any known jewish ancestor so I didn’t take it serious when I saw %4,5 Ashkenazi at myheritage at first, then I uploaded my raw data to gedmatch and it was %6,3 ashkenazi at jtest, then uploaded to and it was %16 ashkenazi at there. Finally I got %0 ashkenazi at FTDNA but surprisingly had %7 east european. As far as I read from the forums an ashkenazi gets thousands of matches which I don’t have. I have only 207 matches, some of them have ashkenazi surnames but not the majority. And when I sort according shared cm, highest is an ashkenazi with 69cM(longest 8cM). I know these are not very strong matches but still makes me wonder if these results are just noise or sign of a very distant ancestor?