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    I have been trying to find my grandfathers jewish father,for quite a long time! my grandfathers name was Arthur John Martin. he was born out of wedlock, all we know is that , Arthurs fathers surname was Slatter or /schlatter! he worked in a fish market in London! Arthurs mother Eliza /Dorling married at a later date to George Martin. this is a strong story in the family, and my grandfather spoke of it frequently, any ideas!

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    Did you test with Family Finder, the autosomal DNA test, yet?


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      No I haven’t how do I do that?


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        It's the test that this section of the forum is all about. You need it in order to find if you have any close relatives who have also tested their DNA and whether they are Jewish or English or from some other background(s). It can be bought anew or you can transfer your data from another company if you tested with another company.


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          Shoshana: The International Society of Genetic Genealogy, commonly known as ISOGG, has a page for Autosomal DNA that you may like to review. Autosomal DNA tests can match you to relatives, both closely and distantly related. In general, autosomal DNA tests can match you to relatives who are connected back through 4 to 6 generations (to a common ancestor), although in some cases it may go back a bit further. This will cover a genealogical timeframe of about 250 to 500 years, so you might find some relatives to your Martin or Slatter/Schlatter lines.

          For FTDNA's Family Finder, you can order it here. If you're not in a hurry, you may want to wait until a sale price is offered (usually $59 USD or so, plus shipping). But, before doing any testing, I would advise doing some research on the subject, getting familiar with autosomal testing and any other DNA tests you may consider (such as Y-DNA or mitochondrial DNA). There is a lot to learn, and some of it can be confusing. Make sure you know why you want to test, and have a plan for testing, so you don't invest in unnecessary testing. Here are some articles about planning for DNA testing:And remember: DNA testing is not a magic answer to your genealogical mysteries. You must use it to complement your traditional genealogy research.


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            Thankyou so much for your help, i will try that!