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Does 0% on a great grandparent's known ethnicity mean what it looks like?

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  • Does 0% on a great grandparent's known ethnicity mean what it looks like?

    My ethnic origins on the autosomal test give me a lot of what I'd expect - 70% British and 12% East European, agreeing with the ethnicity of 14 of my 16 great grandparents. But I have 0% South East Europe despite an Italian great grandfather. Instead I have 9% Asia Minor and 6% Scandinavian. I don't know what to make of this - is it within the margins of error of this type of test or should I assume my great grandfather was not who I thought he was?

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    Don't use "ethnicity" calculations for parentage determinations. Use your matches.
    --- Identical twins can get different ethnicity estimates!
    --- You may have received very few of that particular great grandfather's genes. It's all a chance mix every generation.
    --- His heritage might not actually have been southern European.

    Go look for some 2nd and 3rd cousins by uploading your raw data file to GedMatch and MyHeritage. And while you're there, collect other ethnicity estimates for fun. They will vary. Hey- I'm either 25% or 0% Scandinavian depending on the calculator.
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      As mentioned don't ethnicity calculations to determine,

      Attached show my Families FTDNA myOrigins results

      Paternal Grandfather - half Scottish, half Irish
      Paternal Grandmother - born in Romania with German paternal Grandfather
      Maternal Grandfather - half Norwegian, half Swedish
      Maternal Grandmother - English

      In image, child 1 shows no Eastern Europe (our paternal Grandmother), even though they match as Grandparent/Grandchild autosomally
      In child 1 and others, Eastern Europe I suspect it shows as part of the West and Central Europe amounts
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