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Uploading FTDNA raw data new format to DNA.Land

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  • Uploading FTDNA raw data new format to DNA.Land

    Hi, anyone managed to successfully uploaded and received result by uploading FTDNA's new format of automosal raw data to DNA.Land?
    Because mine was and is still "processing" after two weeks and the staff get back to me via email saying there's some issue with my raw data.


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    It happened the same thing to me. I've uploaded my father's raw data on February 15th, and it is still processing. My Heritage was also not accepting the new format initially, but they are now accepting it.


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      Contact DNA Land and inform them that FTDNA raw data format has changed stating that new Raw Data is sorted by Rsid number and not by chromosome number.

      or for the advanced user, modify your Raw Data file and sort by chromosome largest to smallest and sort each chromosomes position number largest to smallest.


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        I was able to successfully upload the new raw data file and got it processed.

        The sorting order appears to be correct, however the file contained some unusual RSIDs and chromosome numbers which probably fails to understand. Additionally, all fields in old format were enclosed in double quotes, which is not the case for the new format, but I'm not sure if it is important.

        Here is what you need to do:
        1. Remove all entries with RSID no starting with "rs". Keep the very first (header) line.
        2. Remove all entries with chromosome numbers 0, MT and XY
        3. Remove all entries with position number (third field) of 0 (I only got one such entry after performing the previous step)
        4. Enclose all fields with double quotes (except the header line). Probably this is optional, but not tested.
        If you are familiar with bash command prompt, here is what I did (replace the file name with yours)
        $ zcat MI00000_Autosomal_o37_Results_20190507.csv.gz | (echo "RSID,CHROMOSOME,POSITION,RESULT" ; grep "^rs" | grep -v ",\(0\|XY\|MT\)," | sed -e "s/^/\"/" -e "s/$/\"/" -e "s/,/\",\"/g") | gzip -c > MI00000_Autosomal_o37_Results_20190507_dna_land.csv.gz


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          I don't know if we're talking about the same problem, but I tried to upload my data there this weekend and the file is incompatible to what they ask for. I emailed them, and this was the response:

          Hi Thais,

          There is a know issue with FT-DNA files that we are working to resolve. Thanks for your patience!

          The DNA Land Team