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Chuvashia = Finland?

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  • Chuvashia = Finland?

    I had predominately British DNA in most of the tests I've taken, but I wanted more specifics so I did a test with Living DNA. It broke down the UK into sub-regions for me, which was great, but it also returned a strange 3% central Asia and labeled it "Chuvashia". A google search returns that it's a federation of Russia, but I've tested with multiple company and gotten no Asia result (only one company that found .01% Native American). But I did get one test that came up with a similar amount of Finnish DNA. Could that be the same signature? Also, my mom's mtDNA haplogroup (U1a1) shows a strangely large concentration of occurrences in a place called Daghestan (again, according to Living DNA) and that is also in central Asia. So, I guess my question is, would Chuvashian DNA maybe show up as Finnish on some tests, or is Living DNA picking up on a maternal ancestor that I haven't discovered yet? (that line dies off really quickly in my research).

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    I have 1% from Chuvashia at Living DNA as well. At other DNA testing companies that same 1% has shown up as Finninsh. I took some to read about the various ethnic theories of the Finns and the Chuvash. It seems possible that the Finns may originally have migrated to the Karelian peninsula from the area that is now roughly that of Chuvasia. It is quite possible that the two peoples share a genetic lineage. Also, while I'm not certain of this, it is possible that what these testing companies are picking up in what genetic genealogists call 'ancient' DNA. Something that goes back many thousands of years.


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      I had a couple of results from EuroGenes a few years ago that gave me: 8.18% Volga-Ural (K12), and 1.13% Volga-Ural (K36). But my tests at FTDNA and Ancestry DNA gave no hint of Russian and that far east, with the exception of 2% Baltic at Ancestry's latest version.