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Can't see ethnic make-up of matches?

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  • Can't see ethnic make-up of matches?

    On the MyOrigins page, several dozen of my matches are listed and for each there is a % European listed. I can sort their European in ascending or descending percentages, that's all.

    One of those matches contacted me asking "Where did you get your British Isles part?". So this match can see my ethnic estimates apparently, but I can't see hers, or anybody elses. Do I have an option turned off? How do I turn it ON?


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    That feature of myOrigins is explained on the "myOrigins Walkthrough" page in the FTDNA Learning Center. Scroll down to the "+" bullet labeled "Your Shared Origins and My Ancestral History," and click on it. There, under "Shared Origins," it says:
    The Shared Origins tab lists your Family Finder matches, their relation to you, and their percentile breakdown of the Genetic Populations they share with you.

    Note: If your ethnic makeup contains more than three Genetic Populations, only your top three Genetic Populations will be shown here.
    It does seem odd that they can see your percentage of British Isles, but you can't see theirs, if you do have British Isles in your myOrigins estimate. Perhaps their amount of British Isles is not in their top three Genetic Populations, so it doesn't show for them in your list? I don't see any instructions for enabling an option, or doing anything else with the Shared Origins list.

    I checked my own list, and even for close relatives with the same shared populations (including a decent amount of British Isles), it only shows "European."
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      I think that by 'Genetic Population', they mean their basic large regions (Europe, New World, etc.). If you are 100% European, that is all you will see in your breakdown. In other words, whatever regions show in the white box at the top left of the map is what will be shown as percentages. You will not see the the smaller ethnic breakdowns within their basic large regions. I think the match that contacted you simply assumed you had British Isles within your European percentage, they did not actually see it in 'My Origins'.

      I have several large regions in my breakdown; with Europe, New World, and Middle East being my top three. Only people who also have those three regions will show on my percentage chart.

      My third closest match, a first cousin once removed, doesn't show up on my chart. My guess is that she doesn't have Middle East, one of my top three regions.
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