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Difference Relationship and X-Match

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  • Difference Relationship and X-Match


    what means:
    Relationship Range
    X - Match
    Shared Centimorgans
    Longest Block

    How interpret it ?
    Thank you

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    You are referring to some of the column headings shown on your Family Finder Matches page. "The Family Finder Matches" page in the FTDNA Learning Center explains that page in detail, and the terms used in it. The definitions for the column headings you asked about are shown under the "Matches Section" heading on the Learning Center page:

    Relationship Range - Displays the relationship range for you and your match. Family Finder predicts that your actual relationship is highly likely to fall within the displayed upper and lower limits.
    X - Match - Displayed only if you and your genetic relative match on the X chromosome.
    Shared Centimorgans - Displays the sum of autosomal DNA, measured in centiMorgans (cM), that you and your genetic match share.
    Longest Block - This is the longest segment of autosomal DNA, in centiMorgans (cM), shared by you and your genetic match.