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Any Polish people testing at Ftdna? Are Polish people related to Russians at all?

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  • MAK
    One more


    remember about Celtics in Poland long time ago. Nearby Wroclaw, Cracow and Silesia. Austria is very close to Poland, and before 1918 it was one region.

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  • MAK
    My percentage

    Hi Dora,

    I'm from Poland (Lesserpoland), and parents, grandparents etc., too.
    My percentage:
    East Europe 95%
    British Isles 3%
    Southeast Europe <1%
    West Middle East <2%

    What about you, and which region of Poland ?


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  • Dora
    Dzień dobry, Dna!

    Thank you so much for your comment. I didn't know there was no genetic cluster over the territory of Russia.

    Thank you for letting me know what Polish people who tested here got in MyOrigins. I'm only 66% East Europe, but I am not so typical, because my father has mixed Polish and Austrian 'before the war' ancestry, so he gets lots of Western Europe and even 10% British Islands.
    My mother's recent ancestry is basically deeply Polish though, and she gets 84% East Europe plus some Finland and Istanbul or Constantinople, who knows...
    Anyway, thank you for your explanation!

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  • dna
    Dzień dobry!

    Hello, please read the following documentation from the Family Tree DNA Learning CenterYou will realize that there is no genetic cluster over the European territory of Russia.

    Modern European Russians would be mainly described in terms of the following clusters (other clusters can of course be present depending on actual heritage)
    • East Europe (yellow)
    • Finland (red)
    • Siberia (violet)
    • Northeast Asia (pink over Mongolia)

    Here are those clusters (and more...)

    The above picture is again from the Family Tree DNA Learning Center
    myOrigins: Unraveling Ancestries

    So it is the opposite of you had expected. Russians are defined in terms of the their closeness (genetic proximity) to other populations, and not the other way around.

    Polish people who tested here sometimes just had only 100% East Europe. Otherwise it is some mixture of mostly European clusters.

    (If you look at the East Europe designation by FTDNA, you would realize that is geographically Central Europe.)

    Mr. W.

    Maybe someone has a better picture showing just these four clusters together.

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  • Any Polish people testing at Ftdna? Are Polish people related to Russians at all?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for Polish people on the forum because I'm curious what My Origins tells you. Does My Origins show you any Russian territories? Anything farther east than Belarus and Ukraine? Because that's where my dna ends, so it's obvious that my ancestors have never been in Russia and I'm not related to any Russians whatsoever (unlike most people assume, that Poles are somehow 'Russian' for some unknown reason). Anyway, I'm curious if other Polish people have similar results or not.