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    Please, could someone help me? Is it possible?: On paper, 75% Spaniard, 12.5 Native American, 12.5 Italian. But: FTDNA: Iberian 16%, North African 6%,Southeast Europe (Italy,Greece) 26%, Ashkenazi 4%, British Isles 16%, West Central Europe 14%. Native American is OK: 12%.
    DNA LAND: South Central Europe (North Italy)62%, South West Europe (Iberia plus Sardinia) 16%, North Africa 2.1%. Native American also OK: 12%.
    Gencove (last update): South West Europe (Iberia) 24%,North African 7%, North Italy 17%, East Mediterranean (South Italy, Balkans) 17%, North Central Europe (France,Germany)15%,North British Islands 5%. Native American also OK: 11%.
    My biological father was never sure about his origins (on some paper trail, he would be 100% Spaniard).My biological mother, sure: She is 50% Spaniard, 25% Italian, 25% Native American.

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    Just wrote about something similar earlier today.

    If you do not mind, please read or join a discussion at

    Mr. W.

    Your Native American result was accurate, because your ancestry looks to me like a recent one. Probably one of your mother grandparents. Do you think it would be possible to precisely describe Amerindian tribal percentages from 200+ years ago?


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      Thanks DNA Mr.W. If real, my Iberian ancestry would be recent, too. And my Italian ancestry either.


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        Possible ?

        I would reformulate my question: Is it possible to have three Spaniard Grandparents, having 16% Iberian in FTDNA, 16% Southwest Europe in DNA.Land, and 24% Southwest Europe in Gencove? All three results are the same or similar. It looks like just one Grandfather (about 25%) but it should be about 75%.


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          I would ask another question:
          would a 100% Spanish person look 100% Iberian, or a mixture of Iberian, Jewish, North African, British Isles (common ancestry a long time ago of both populations), ...?

          Sometimes the calculators show the neighbouring region instead of the correct one, people from neighbouring European regions are not that different.

          Native American material is very different, much easier to identify in the mixture.

          Considering all this, your calculated regions seem realistic enough to me.
          If you have serious doubts of father's biological ancestry, I would not exclude an unidentified ancestor from Western Europe/British Isles. Who knows. Good luck with your research.
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            Thanks Emona